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CNBC Republican Debate Trump Wins Across The Board

Much to their shagrin even CNBC's poll has Trump winning big

By: Zac Hawkins Oct 29th 2015

Trump FamilyMy first impression of Donald Trump during last nights CNBC GOP debate was how presidential he came off. Obviously he's no dummy, but it is clear to me that as the campaign season goes forward, the Donald is tempering his demeaner a bit and showing the public he can be brash when appropriate.

Don't get me wrong, Mr. Trump certainly knows when to turn it on and off, as he displayed with his exchange with John Kasich. As for the post debate polls, from drudge to cnbc's own poll, Trump scores in the 57 to 70% range across the board. No other candidate gets much more than double digits.

As for Jeb Bush's much anticipated performance in light of his nearly non existent poll numbers, well, let's just say he's still heading south. The American public is obviously sick and tired of Washington insiders and Jeb is the epitome not only because he's a Bush, but also in light of his establishment donor class backing. He scored the worst of all gop candidates in the debate.

Another significant poor performance was that of Dr. Ben Carson. Even though Read Full Article

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