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CNBC Republican Debate Trump Wins Across The Board

Much to their shagrin even CNBC's poll has Trump winning big

By: Zac Hawkins Oct 29th 2015

Trump Family My first impression of Donald Trump during last nights CNBC GOP debate was how presidential he came off. Obviously he's no dummy, but it is clear to me that as the campaign season goes forward, the Donald is tempering his demeaner a bit and showing the public he can be brash when appropriate.

Don't get me wrong, Mr. Trump certainly knows when to turn it on and off, as he displayed with his exchange with John Kasich. As for the post debate polls, from drudge to cnbc's own poll, Trump scores in the 57 to 70% range across the board. No other candidate gets much more than double digits.

As for Jeb Bush's much anticipated preformance in light of his nearly non existant poll numbers, well, let's just say he's still heading south. The American public is obviously sick and tired of Washington insiders and Jeb is the epitome not only because he's a Bush, but also in light of his establishment donor class backing. He scored the worst of all gop candidates in the debate.

Ben Carson Fails To Deliver

Another significant poor preformance was that of Dr. Ben Carson. Even though Carson was handed extremely soft ball questions by the moderators, he nearly put the crowd to sleep with his answers. It is obvious that the main stream media was hopeful Carson would have a good showing which may help him challenge Donald Trump in the polls.

Speaking of which the recent polls showing Carson doing well can now be even more suspect than they were to begin with. Several new polls including the Monmouth, ABC, Morning Consult, Reuters, & Gravis all have Trump leading by double digits. When a CBS/NYTimes poll counterdicts all of these, well let's just say we smell a rat. The GOP establishment has blatantly stated they want to take the Donald down, so it's not unrealistic to think they have a hand in the NY Times, is it?

Ted Cruz Jumps All Over The Moderators

One of the high lights of the evening was during Ted Cruz's response to a question about the Federal Debt Limit. Instead of answering the question, he unloaded on the moderators for their hack job questions thus far in the debate! It was nearly an unprecedented moment in presidential debate politics. And that's saying a lot.

Here's his responce: "“This is not a cage match,” he said, before reciting some exaggerated questions: “Donald Trump, are you a comic-book villain? Ben Carson, can you do math? John Kasich, will you insult two people over here? Marco Rubio, why don't you resign? Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen? How about talking about the substantive issues people care about?” he asked.

The crowd went absolutely berserk! The moderators tried to step in and Cruz tried to continue, which he did briefly. Contrasting the moderators gop and democratic debate questions. And then said, “Nobody watching at home believes that any of the moderators has any intention of voting in a Republican primary.” I think Cruz came in second to Trump for this exchange alone.

No Love Loss Between Jeb and Marco

Rubio and Bush fought back and forth for a bit which was expected. Bush pointed out that Rubio wasn't planning on running for the Senate regardless of his primary outcome, stated it was his reason for not showing up to work at the Senate. This is with more than a year left in his term. Unexceptable IMO, if he's not going to show up to work, he should just resign, which is exactly what Bush stated.

The GOP establishment is obviously looking to Rubio as their backup plan if Bush continues to faulter in the polls. That alone should tell you he's exactly the opposite of what we need in Washington if we want to get our country back on the right track.

The rest of the pack was pretty much a non factor with the exception of one moment from Cristy who bashed the moderators for asking if fantasy football should be regulated. Basically he said are you kidding me? We have ISIS at our throats, trillions in debt, a saging econmy etc. and you ask me about fantasy football?

Huckabee Wears A Trump Tie!

Mike Huckabee also was asked a stupid question by the moderators, specifically if he thought Trump had the moral character to be president. Huckabee didn't take the bait, but rather said he didn't want to give Donald more air time. But then went on to say he was wearing one of his ties, (presumably his favorite). And went on to say Trump would make a better president and twice on Sundays than Hillary! Makes one wonder if he was pandering for a VP pick from the Donald..... hmm.

Oh, and also of note was the lack luster preformance by Carly Fiorina. Her tone is becoming more and more comparable with that of Hillary Clinton. Not to mention the fact that her record with Hewett Packard and Lucent Technologies is too much for her to over come. I predict she will fall yet further down in the polls after this debate.

Trump Wins Again CNBC Tries To Deny

Another note of interest was that the debate closed after the 2 hour mark after Donald Trump insisted it not go the 3 hour initial time table. (CNBC Moderators tried to deny this fact) Hopefully some of these low level candidates will drop out before the next debate so the candidates of note, will have a bit more time to reveal their positions. We shall see.

In conclusion, we may very have seen in this debate the transformation of just what we can expect from a President Donald J. Trump. He was much more diplomatic last night as well as just came off as presidential, classy, and willing to listen to the thoughts of others. Seems to me the other candidates for the most part appreciated it.

Zac Hawkins
Senior Editor

Prolific writer, webmaster and forum moderator at scores of websites and online business forums over the past 20 years. Zac has worked with and forged relationships with some of the most prominent online business owners and marketers which gives him the unique perspective he displays in his editorials here at My Trump Club.

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